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Jolt Gum Adopt a US unit for Jan 2015 - USS Frank Cable STS Funk from the USS Frank Cable wrote and we selected his team for the Jolt Gum adopt a unit program.   The Frank Cable's sole job is to fix submarines  - fast and...


Jolt Gum congratulates the Red Sox!   Chew your way to your own championship!   The Red Sox bounced back from a 2012 season they'd rather forget by turning their won-loss record virtually...


Be more creative. Add noise. Go Goldilocks on noise.  Get it just right and be more creative. It doesn't go to 11, but that noise does give me an idea.... In our never-ending (but occasionally...


10,000 days of Jolt Cola Jolt Cola was the 1st energy drink sold pretty much anywhere.     Well, there was this also guy named Chaleo who started an energy drink in Thailand in the 1970's,...


Jolt Energy Gum actually makes you smarter Caffeine all by itself increases alertness, focus, mental speed, and helps improve memory.  Chewing gum all by itself  increases alertness, focus, and most kinds of memory....


Jolt Gum Adopt a US unit for Jan 2015 – USS Frank Cable



STS Funk from the USS Frank Cable wrote and we selected his team for the Jolt Gum adopt a unit program.   The Frank Cable’s sole job is to fix submarines  – fast and well.  Thinking about the submariners deep under water in a nuclear powered sardine can…. anyone who can keep them safe gets our vote!!

The USS Frank Cable getting submarines ready to head back out and uunder

The USS Frank Cable getting submarines ready to head back out and under

So our unit for the month of January to kick off the year is his – on the USS Frank Cable.  They’ve actually got 1,000 sailors under their command, making them the largest command on the island of Guam. In STS Funk’s email he wrote… On the USS Frank Cable AS-40, we spend countless days and nights writing and executing thousands of work packages to ensures the U.S. Submarine fleet is able to continue they’re missions and return home safely.  That’s a job for Jolt Gum!

Thank you to STS Funk and everyone on the Frank Cable.  A couple of hundred packs of Jolt Gum are on their way to you!

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Shape of… a Human. Feeling of…a Rhinoceros?


For the love of animals..


We here at Jolt love animals.. A lot.. A lot lot.. Not too much, but a lot. Well, enough that we started thinking about what kind of animal chewing Jolt Energy Gum makes us feel like. After weeks of thought provoking chewing, we came to the following conclusion(s):

The bottle in the water cooler is STILL empty, but it’s no one’s fault.. Jeff.

Jolt Energy Gum makes us feel like rhinoceroses.   Rhinoceri?  Rhinos?  No, that sounds too much like a cold.  It must be rhinoceroses.

Rhinos love Jolt.  Or at least we thought we heard the zoologist say that.

Who’d have thought I could be so darn nimble?

Look at this monster. That is 3000lbs of unrestrained power.

Now, theoretically speaking of course, if a 3000lb rhino told you what to do.. You would do it. Would you rather be the rhino? Or the one being told what to do by the rhino? So we chewed another piece of Jolt Energy Gum. By this point, we felt like a rhinoceros outfitted with kr3-9J tactical armor (patent pending.) Full infrared scopes, heat seeking missiles.. Er.. I’ve said too much.

Disclaimer: Jolt Energy Gum will not turn you into a rhinoceros with kr3-9J tactical armor (patent pending.) If it does, keep it to yourself, we don’t need that kind of press. Beware of poachers.


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That Magical Time of the Year


Hmm… I posted this  two weeks ago and it automatically magically disappeared.  Now it’s almost time for fall break!

Jolt Energy Gum would like to salute the countless people who are heading into their respective institutes of learning in order to emerge more knowledgeable with their well spent tuition and supply funds to help them attain their goals of becoming what they.. always.. wanted to be.. in life.. haha I’m sorry I couldn’t even finish that without laughing.


Be all you (and your parents) want(ed) you to be!

School work has always been a chore. Make it easier by being a chewer!


But don’t fret! While you’re juggling your books, supplies, laptop, there’s another menace in your hands that is making you think “I wish I could just carry one of these things in my mouth.” That’s where Jolt Energy Gum comes in. Instead of lugging around that energy drink or coffee why not chew gum since it has more benefits?

Chewing gum makes your brain work harder… and better – basically, chewing gum makes you smarter.  Even guy in the corner with the conical hat knows that you smart  + you study = you improve test scores.

Not only will chewing Jolt Energy Gum help your brain work better, but with the added caffeine, you’ll also be able to actually stay awake while your professor drones on and on about something that has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re there to learn!  Chewing gum only makes you smarter if you’re awake. So chew Jolt Gum.

Oh, and remember to stay Classy.  When you’re chewing gum in class, chew with your mouth closed.

Class dismissed.

Chewing gum only makes you smarter if you’re awake. So chew Jolt Gum.

Looks like our friend here has a stack overflow error.


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The Jolt Adopt a Unit in the Armed Forces Program – April 2014


Our adopted unit for April is Havoc!


We’re humbled by the dedication and commitment of the servicemen and women across all our Armed Forces – in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  As the smallest of thank you’s and in small recognition of the hundreds of thousands of them, we have created the Jolt Gum adopt a unit program. Just tell us what makes your unit special and we’d love to make you the recipient of… a whole lotta free gum! Just email us and let us know a little about you and your unit.

Here’s the first – from Havoc Company courtesy of SFC Pulkinen who wrote us to tell us a little about what they do.

Havoc Company, the April 2014 adopt a unit from Jolt Gum

Havoc Company, the April 2014 adopt a unit from Jolt Gum

Havoc Company, 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment is a M1A1 Tank Company and has a unique mission of providing an opposing forces for United States Army units who are getting ready to deploy to combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our Company consists of 60 Soldiers as well as 24 vehicles including eight M1A1 tanks. We replicate different roles such as Afghanistan Military Police, Insurgency operations and enemy mounted forces during Decisive Action rotations. We go to the field to train units two weeks a month, ten months out of the year. We often work long hours during NTC rotations since it is our job to ensure units getting ready for combat are properly trained and ready for deployment.

Want your unit to be the next to receive free gum?  Email us and tell us a little about your unit!

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Jolt Gum congratulates the Red Sox!



Red Sox logo

Chew your way to your own championship!


The Red Sox bounced back from a 2012 season they’d rather forget by turning their won-loss record virtually upside-down.  93 losses in 2012 turned into 97 WINS in 2013!  It’s a little weird for us (a NJ company) to have rooted so hard for the Red Sox this year, but hey, they chew Jolt Gum.  So do a few other teams (more on that later), but unless you’re a Cardinals or Yankees fan (or a fan of anyone the Sox were playing), how could you not root for the team that was so supportive of their city after the marathon?  And unless you’re a brand manager on Gillette, how could you not dig the Grizzly Adams or ZZ Top team photo? It’s Halloween every day in Boston!

Red Sox celebrate world series victory

How come none of the Red Sox have red sox?

Sure, it’s easier to have fun when you win, but a lot of teams win and don’t look like they’re having nearly the fun the Red Sox seem to have.  Indeed, just listen to Victorino – “Go back to playing little kid ball. Just go out there and have fun.

Anyway, as we were saying, there are 3 Major League Baseball teams that chew Jolt gum… and ALL three went to the playoffs this year.  Did Jolt Gum help?  Or are the teams that chew Jolt Gum just that much smarter?  Not for us to say.  But what is for us to say is that the first person to calculate the probability of ALL 3 teams making the playoffs (30 teams in MLB, 10 make the playoffs, 3 chew Jolt Gum) gets a free 12-pack of Jolt Gum!  Happy calculating!

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Be more creative. Add noise.


Go Goldilocks on noise.  Get it just right and be more creative.

Add a little noise. Be more creative.

It doesn’t go to 11, but that noise does give me an idea….

In our never-ending (but occasionally slowing) quest to share important tidbits that do not involve reality TV but instead actually affect your real life, we cull through the tension filled world of scientific journals… well…. so you don’t have to.  In today’s useful tidbit, we discover you were right all along.

Not when you yelled at coach on the TV who was preventing his team from winning by implementing the “prevent” defense with minutes left to play… but when you told your mom you studied better with the music on.  She probably called that music “noise.”

In the widely rarely read “Journal of Consumer Research”, researchers showed that you are more creative with a moderate (emphasis on moderate) level of noise (noise=unwanted sound)than you do with no noise or loud noise.  It also increases the likelihood of buying creative products… like, for example A MakerBot, Adobe Photoshop, Silly Putty or… Jolt Gum.  Cue moderate noise….


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10,000 days of Jolt Cola


Jolt Cola was the 1st energy drink sold pretty much anywhere.  


Well, there was this also guy named Chaleo who started an energy drink in Thailand in the 1970’s, but that’s another story.It’s been more than 27 years since our hero CJ first bottled Jolt Cola as it flowed from a pristine underground aquifer in upstate NY (let’s just say the bottling plant had a pipe that went underground, we say…entirely making that up).

It’s 27 years, 7 leap years and 137 days later, making today the 9,999th day the Jolt Cola has kept us awake, alert and frankly, just having a little more fun.   Kicking off in 1985 with an awesome nose-thumb of a tagline “All the sugar, 2x the caffeine,”  Jolt has fueled and fun-ded parties, movies, coders, gamers, athletes and students all across America and the world.

We thought it would be fun over the next year to bring you a few videos, images and stories from the history of our namesake beverage. Some will be official ads and promos, some were official but never saw the light of day (What, you say, does “official” mean?  Let’s just say “official” means someone who sold Jolt Cola paid to make the ad or promo), some were crowd sourced and some are now a part of Americana, like where Bill Gates reminisces about coding Windows NT on a gullet full of Jolt.    Some are quirky, some are great, and some are just weird.  But all combine to make Jolt the awesome drink it is!  Come to think of it, we really should throw an online party.


Here’s a Jolt Cola ad from the archives.


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Jolt caffeine gum helps you recover after a workout


What if we told you there was something that would help you run faster, improve reaction times, and then recover faster post-exercise?  


And it’s legal.  Where can we get some of that stuff?

If you’re like most people, you already did this morning.

tired runner

Have a plate of penne, a spoonful of spaghetti, a cup of cola and a canteen of coffee after a workout and you’ll recover a lot faster!

There’s more and more science showing that caffeine not only improves athletic performance, but now we’re learning it also helps your muscles recover faster after exercise too.  It makes some sense right away if you think about it… assuming most races or competitions involve fixed distances, if caffeine helps you to run faster or perform better, it must have helped you to do something more efficiently.

Indeed, University of Birmingham (England) researchers tested the effect of caffeine on the rate which carbs are consumed during exercise.  They found that the usage rate of carbohydrates was 26 percent higher in the cyclists receiving carbs with caffeine than in those receiving carbs without caffeine.  The conclusion is that caffeine may have increased the rate of glucose absorption, giving muscles more fuel more quickly. The extrapolated effect on performance is the ability to work harder for a longer period of time without getting as fatigued.

But what if you’re already exhausted?  Put a check mark in the caffeine and carb boxes again.  A recent study showed that athletes carb-ed up and caffeinated had 66% more glycogen in their muscles four hours after finishing intense exercise.  If you have 66% more fuel for the next day’s training or competition, there is absolutely no question you will go farther or faster,” said Dr. Hawley, senior author of the study.

Not that we’re not a little biased on the caffeine, but science sure seems to indicate that having caffeine before exercise, and carbs and caffeine after exercise is a win win.  Let Jolt caffeine gum help you in your workout and recover after it!  THAT’S what we’re talking about when we say, “Jolt Caffeine Gum… Chew More.  Do More!”

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Jolt Energy Gum actually makes you smarter


Caffeine all by itself increases alertness, focus, mental speed, and helps improve memory.  Chewing gum all by itself  increases alertness, focus, and most kinds of memory.  Put them together and… well, you do the math. Scientists know that the 1 + 1 is at least two, but they’re not sure exactly why.  Knowing why may not be as important to you as knowing caffeine gum can help you score higher on exams.

Let’s start with chewing gum.  Any flavored chewing gum will do.  There are numerous studies that show chewing gum, especially a flavored gum, will help improve alertness and memory, in some cases by as much as 24%.


The Hippocampus is a key area for memory

There are a few potential explanations for gum’s benefit, says Dr. Andrew Scholey, author of several studies and director of the Center for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University, Melbourne.  In 2000, researchers showed that brain activity in the hippocampus, an area important for memory, increases while people chew.

Other research suggests that insulin receptors in the hippocampus may be involved in memory. “Insulin mops up glucose in the bloodstream and chewing causes the release of insulin, because the body is expecting food. If insulin receptors in the brain are involved in memory, we may have an insulin-mediated mechanism explaining our findings.”

Alternately, it could be as simple as increased alertness and/or increased blood flow to the brain from and increased heart beat.

But what if we could improve upon chewing gum?  What if there was a magic ingredient we could add to gum that would help your brain even more?  What if we didn’t keep writing “what if’s” when you already know where we’re going with this?

Caffeine, as we’d all expect,  increases alertness, but together with a little glucose, has a significant effect on memory.  Caffeine also improves cognition and mental speed, so basically, caffeine just helps you think better and faster.    Put the caffeine inside the gum as they do with a caffeinated gum like Jolt Energy Gum, and you’ve got a little magic mastication!

A totally different Hippocampus

The Hippo Campus is also a place where Hippos go to college

The only time where you might want to go for the Starbucks and not the double-word-score caffeine gum combo, is if you’re taking a test involving a type of short-term memory called serial recall – recalling items or events in the order in which they occurred.  Any rhythmic activity such as chewing gum or tapping with your hands has been shown to decrease test results in this area.

In summary,  if you have to memorize a long list in order, brew up a pot of coffee or chug a Jolt Cola.    If you want to improve performance on pretty much any other kinds of exam or mental exercise, reach for a pack of Jolt Energy Gum.  Now chewing Jolt caffeine-energy gum isn’t just smart, Jolt Energy gum actually makes you smarter.

Not only will you stay alert, but you’ll remember why you’re doing so.



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Wait….Caffeine ISN’T a Diuretic?


Everyone knows caffeine is a diuretic, right?

Don’t be so fast to flush that toilet… turns out that conventional wisdom is wrong.  The latest science that… ummm… people who actually research the topic shows that consuming a caffeinated beverage has no more of a diuretic effect than… wait for it… water.  As far back in 1928, caffeine was found to have no significant impact on output of urine. Later studies corroborated this, finding caffeinated beverages did not affect total volume or flow any differently than other beverages.

The Institute of Medicine found that “caffeinated beverages appear to contribute to the daily total water intake similar to that contributed by non-caffeinated beverages.”

Caffeine actually doesn't make you visit the bathroom more frequently

Does this image of a waterfall make you want to pee? Maybe. But does a caffeinated beverage? Not so much.

So did the conventional wisdom become conventional? i.e.  how did the wive’s tale get started?  Basically, it seems the belief that caffeinated beverages increases your total urine output stems from research solely among people who don’t use caffeine.  And indeed, if you are a caffeine virgin, i.e. you don’t consume caffeine,  the old rules apply.  Caffeine is a mild diuretic for those people who haven’t used it in a while.

On the other hand, if you’re similar to the significant majority of actual people who consume caffeine, then according to a bunch of studies and articles about studies, caffeine actually doesn’t increase the number of times you need to visit the loo.



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