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Jolt caffeine gum helps you recover after a workout What if we told you there was something that would help you run faster, improve reaction times, and then recover faster post-exercise?     And it's legal.  Where...


Jolt Gum Adopt a US unit for Jan 2015 - USS Frank Cable STS Funk from the USS Frank Cable wrote and we selected his team for the Jolt Gum adopt a unit program.   The Frank Cable's sole job is to fix submarines  - fast and...


Jolt Gum congratulates the Red Sox!   Chew your way to your own championship!   The Red Sox bounced back from a 2012 season they'd rather forget by turning their won-loss record virtually...


Be more creative. Add noise. Go Goldilocks on noise.  Get it just right and be more creative. It doesn't go to 11, but that noise does give me an idea.... In our never-ending (but occasionally...


Jolt Energy Gum actually makes you smarter Caffeine all by itself increases alertness, focus, mental speed, and helps improve memory.  Chewing gum all by itself  increases alertness, focus, and most kinds of memory....


Be more creative. Add noise.


Go Goldilocks on noise.  Get it just right and be more creative.

Add a little noise. Be more creative.

It doesn’t go to 11, but that noise does give me an idea….

In our never-ending (but occasionally slowing) quest to share important tidbits that do not involve reality TV but instead actually affect your real life, we cull through the tension filled world of scientific journals… well…. so you don’t have to.  In today’s useful tidbit, we discover you were right all along.

Not when you yelled at coach on the TV who was preventing his team from winning by implementing the “prevent” defense with minutes left to play… but when you told your mom you studied better with the music on.  She probably called that music “noise.”

In the widely rarely read “Journal of Consumer Research”, researchers showed that you are more creative with a moderate (emphasis on moderate) level of noise (noise=unwanted sound)than you do with no noise or loud noise.  It also increases the likelihood of buying creative products… like, for example A MakerBot, Adobe Photoshop, Silly Putty or… Jolt Gum.  Cue moderate noise….


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