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10,000 days of Jolt Cola Jolt Cola was the 1st energy drink sold pretty much anywhere.     Well, there was this also guy named Chaleo who started an energy drink in Thailand in the 1970's,...


Jolt Energy Gum actually makes you smarter Caffeine all by itself increases alertness, focus, mental speed, and helps improve memory.  Chewing gum all by itself  increases alertness, focus, and most kinds of memory....


10,000 days of Jolt Cola


Jolt Cola was the 1st energy drink sold pretty much anywhere.  


Well, there was this also guy named Chaleo who started an energy drink in Thailand in the 1970’s, but that’s another story.It’s been more than 27 years since our hero CJ first bottled Jolt Cola as it flowed from a pristine underground aquifer in upstate NY (let’s just say the bottling plant had a pipe that went underground, we say…entirely making that up).

It’s 27 years, 7 leap years and 137 days later, making today the 9,999th day the Jolt Cola has kept us awake, alert and frankly, just having a little more fun.   Kicking off in 1985 with an awesome nose-thumb of a tagline “All the sugar, 2x the caffeine,”  Jolt has fueled and fun-ded parties, movies, coders, gamers, athletes and students all across America and the world.

We thought it would be fun over the next year to bring you a few videos, images and stories from the history of our namesake beverage. Some will be official ads and promos, some were official but never saw the light of day (What, you say, does “official” mean?  Let’s just say “official” means someone who sold Jolt Cola paid to make the ad or promo), some were crowd sourced and some are now a part of Americana, like where Bill Gates reminisces about coding Windows NT on a gullet full of Jolt.    Some are quirky, some are great, and some are just weird.  But all combine to make Jolt the awesome drink it is!  Come to think of it, we really should throw an online party.


Here’s a Jolt Cola ad from the archives.


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Don’t drive Drowsy!


Listen to my voice…You’re getting sleeepy…


You’re driving….




In a recent study, more than 50% of New York State drivers admitted that they had driven while drowsy in the past year, while almost 25% percent reported that they had fallen asleep while driving at some point in their lives.  But people are tired all the time, right?  Does this sleepiness really amount to anything more than a little yawning?  Big-time super-cala-soporfic-ally yes.  Drowsy driving causes 100,000 crashes each year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Don't be one of the drowsy driver statistics

Lack of Sleep = Same Impact as Drinking Alcohol


When people were kept awake for 17 hours, they tested the same on cognitive-motor tests as a person with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05 percent; after staying awake 24 hours they tested equivalent to a BAC of 0.10 percent.  0.08 percent is enough to get you arrested for DUI in all 50 states, so basically, if you wake up at 6 am and drive home at 2:30 a.m., your driving skills would be the same as if you were DUI!

Even a micro-sleep, i.e. a quick “zone-out,” can be enough to cause serious trouble.  If you’re driving 60 mph, you’re going 88 feet per second.  Fall asleep for just three seconds, and you’ve nearly covered the length of a football field!

Who’s most likely to nod off behind the wheel?  Grandpa?  Actually, grandpa might be your safest driver as it relates to drowsy driving statistics.  It’s the grandkids you should be worried about.  Drivers aged 18-29 are 3.5x more likely to drive drowsy than seniors 65+.  71% of those 18-29 admitted to driving while drowsy, a number that gets higher still among men and people who work night shifts.

Our friends at The Automobile Association of America (AAA) offer two proven tips for staying awake:  Get sleep, and take caffeine. Caffeine we can do.  We can happily do (see Juan Valdez, Red Bull, Jolt Gum).  But while we’d all love a solid nine hours of sleep every night, we imagine even the good folks at Triple A aren’t getting that much.  So what can you do to stay awake?

Part II tomorrow…..

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