• It took two years of research and development to develop Jolt Energy Gum and we're darn proud of the results. Jolt Gum uses a unique (and patented) mutli-layer construction designed to get the energy into your body as fast as possible. Up to 5x faster than an energy drink or coffee! But the really, really great thing is that it doesn't just work faster, it works better too. No crazy jitters, just a solid, long-lasting boost that you control. Want more boost? Chew More. Want less? Chew Less.

Jolt energy gum contains caffeine PLUS Guarana and Ginseng to give you to give you a fast, even and long-lasting energy boost. It's as safe as coffee or energy drinks (and arguably even safer). In fact, two pieces of Jolt Gum will give you the energy boost of an energy drink or small coffee.

  • What's inside?

    The caffeine in Jolt Gum is exactly the same molecule as in coffee– you can just subtract the spilling! Guarana is a fruit, especially common and popular in Brazil, and typically has about twice the concentration of caffeine as a coffee bean.

    Ginseng is known throughout the world, particularly in Asia, for its therapeutic and energy enhancing effects. These three energetic ingredients – Caffeine, Guarana and Ginseng - together are combined to give you a fast, even and long-lasting energy boost.

    If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Questions@JoltGum.com.

  • Spearmint Jolt Energy Gum

    Our spearmint energy gum has a mild, natural mint flavor that perks you up and freshens your breath. Wow! Multi-tasking gum! Why would you settle for a useless or single function gum? Jolt gum comes in a blister pack, so each piece is sealed until you're ready for it. But wait, there's more. Each pack contains 12 pieces – the energy/alertness boost of 6 energy drinks or coffees. Doing the math for you, a dozen packs contain a "makes-you-the-most-popular-kid-on-the block" 144 pieces of gum (72 cups of coffee). And you may be able to get Art History 101 credit by chewing Spearmint Jolt Gum. Each piece is a brilliant shiny white with green Jackson Pollock-ish speckles.

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  • Icy Mint Jolt Energy Gum

    There's nothing "curious" about the strength of Icy Mint Jolt energy gum. Our icy gum is "in-your-face" strong. Snap! Pop! Alas, no crackle. Or cackle. Unless you want to. Once you catch your breath, you'll likely find yourself saying things to your friends such as "Oooh. Oooh. OOOOO!" and "Now, that's freshness!" and "Wow! So awesome and invigorating!" And after that, you'll start talking about the gum. Jolt gum has the same energy potion as our other gums so: 2 pieces = the energy/alertness boost of 1 energy drink or 1 cup of coffee, with the equivalent jolt of six boosts of in every pack. And because ice is blue (What? It's not?), each piece is a brilliant shiny white with light blue speckles.

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  • Mint Flurry Jolt Energy Mints

    Hey, we all like the effect of coffee and energy drinks. But coffee breath? Not so much. In fact, not at all. That's why we have brush our teeth or have a mint after the coffee. So why not put the caffeine INSIDE the mint? That inspiration occurred to us too. And lo and behold.. Jolt Energy Mints. We have one flavor of mint, so we made sure to get it right. We put every kind of yummy mint we could find inside so there's something for everyone. We dare you… nay, we double dare you to name all the yummy kinds of mint inside Mint Flurry Jolt Energy mints.

    5 mints = a coffee, so make yourself a grande and have the fresh breath with grande energy!

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  • Spearmint Jolt Gum Trial Size

    The Jolt Gum of choice for those who like their world individually wrapped and sealed. Our trial size contains 100 individually sealed plastic packets each containing 2 pieces of Spearmint Jolt Energy Gum. Those 200 pieces of gum = the energy/alertness of 100 energy drinks without all those calories!! Is your local coffee shop or convenience store offering you individually wrapped, sealed, shelf-stable cups of energy drinks or coffees for 29 cents each? We didn't think so. By the way, the cardboard "bird feeder" the gum comes looks great on a desk. Rumor has it, offering Jolt Gum trial size to your colleagues and friends brings karmic oneness with the universe. And invitations to lots of parties.

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