• I don't drink coffee cuz I'm always running to the bathroom constantly (I'm a waitress). I love to be able to chew gum to get my caffeine since I'm also not a big tea or soda drinker...

    - Katerina O. Jamaica, NY

  • I like the convenience of having my next "Jolt" as close as my pocket. Talk about handy.

    - Steven R., Hoboken, NJ
    OK, let’s talk about handy. You first.

  • No bad breath or stained teeth, and easy accessibility whenever I need a little energy boost in class. Cool.

    - Palmer S.
    Cool and Icy.

  • I'm scared of shots. They overload them with caffeine, they taste terrible, and who needs 10,000x the RDA of anything? I'm sooooooo soooooo happy you make your gum.

    - Jana S., Boulder, CO.
    Take some ownership! Consider it our gum. After all, once you buy it, you own it. And you just gave us an idea for a horror movie starring shots. Could be huge!

  • I literally feel smarter and happier after I chew Jolt Gum. Is it in my head?

    - Caitlin, Fort Worth, TX
    We are so resisting the urge to remind you that when you're chewing gum, it technically is in your head. We're just not going to tell you that. But there are studies that actually show mood improvements and increases in test scores from caffeine. So it might not be all in your head. Put the gum back in.

  • A gum with caffeine...It gives me a reason to chew gum...

    - Zachary L. Los Angeles, CA
    Funny, it gave us a reason to MAKE gum

  • Jolt Gum makes me a better man!

    - Wylie, Pittsburgh, PA
    Sweet! But is that "as good as it gets?" Oh, we make our sides hurt.

  • Twice the caffeine, twice as fast. Trés cool.

    - Martha G., San Francisco, CA
    Now why didn't we think of that?

  • Coffee is gross and makes my stomach hurt. This is the perfect solution.

    - Alex A. Brooklyn, NY
    Thanks! We think the perfect solution probably also includes clean, renewable energy, but we're pretty psyched with a good tasting energy gum.

  • I am currently serving with 126 soldiers under my command…. You sent samples... to me and my soldiers... I would like to thank you for being so thoughtful...The gum really helps keep all of us more alert and combat ready when the time for sleep just isn't there... Thank you again and we will all do our best to make you proud.

    - Buddy W. Unit 9 _ _ _ _
    All of you already did.

  • By nature, I have the sincerity of a congressman; but my line of work--Chinese food delivery--requires me to constantly say "Have a nice day" to complete strangers. Chewing Jolt Gum makes me sound like I really mean it!

    - Ryan F. Blacksburg, VA
    Is it the chewing sound itself?

  • …Frubiliously wonderful in a cantacordies way.

    Thanks… we think.

  • "Jolt has always appealed to the youth crowd and an anti mainstream mentality. Marketing a caffeine rush is irresponsible in my opinion. Caffeine is not a nourishing substance."

    - Francine D.
    Actually, we're kind of proud of that anti-mainstream mentality. We market an energy boost that keeps you awake long to earn the money to buy all the broccoli you want.

  • Energy from Gum? I don't think so.

    - Brad
    OK Brad, now think again.

  • How could you mix sugar and caffeine with Ginseng and Guarana? Sugar and caffeine are artificial and the total opposites of Ginseng and Guarana.

    - Karrina S., Rhinebeck, NY
    Sugar is artificial? This will be interesting news to the guys working on sugar cane farms. And how do you think they get the caffeine in the coffee? By injection?