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  • What are the ingredients in Jolt Gum?

    - Todd J., New York City

    Despite all rumors to the contrary, there are no 3-D printers or high compression pumps involved. We thought lathes and ladles (new coffee shop name?) would work well, but our Quality department would have none that. Here's a list of the ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Gum Base, Corn Syrup, Glycerine, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Caffeine, Maltodextrin, Vitamin Premix, Titanium Dioxide (Color), Gum Arabic, Aspartame-Acesulfame Salt, Resinous Glaze, Carnauba Wax, Guarana Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Sucralose, Neotame, FD&C Blue #1 Lake, FD&C Yellow #5 Lake, and BHT (To preserve freshness). You can view and download a nutritional label here.

  • Is Jolt Gum gluten-free?

    - Oscar G., Miami, FL


  • How long do I need to chew before I get the full effect?

    - Barry R., Detroit, MI

    Assuming the gum is IN your mouth, about 5 minutes, which makes it about 5x faster than energy drinks or coffee. And because much of the caffeine is absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) into your bloodstream, the effect should be a bit stronger than by routing it through your entire digestive tract. We use a proprietary layered gum construction (oooooo, it's crazy sexy when we start talking about intellectual property!) to ensure maximum sublingual absorption and efficiency – which basically means we can actually use less caffeine than some other products (e.g. energy dinks) but give you a better energy boost!

  • What is Guarana?

    - Alice W., New York City

    Guarana is a fruit, especially common and popular in Brazil, and typically has about twice the concentration of caffeine as a coffee bean. A Guarana based beverage is actually super popular in Brazil. Separately (or more likely, related), Brazilian legend insists that Guarana has aphrodisiac powers. We're not 100% sure about that, but figure either way, you'll be a lot friskier if you're awake.

  • What is Ginseng?

    - Jennifer D. Kansas City, MO

    That's an ancient Chinese secret. Well, actually it's not so secret any more. Ginseng is a plant grown in North America and Asia. It's root is widely known for its therapeutic and energy enhancing effects.

  • Why don't you have Taurine in your gum?

    - Alison K., Santa Barbara, CA

    Because it doesn't really do anything. A review published in 2008 found no documented reports of negative or positive health effects associated with the amount of taurine used in energy drinks. And also because Taurine's a major constituent of bile. Which is gross.

  • Does this stuff really work?

    - Donny W., Houston

    Don't just take our word for it – talk to the scientists and the US Military! Both have done studies on caffeinated gum (really, we're honest to goodness not making this up) and proven the effectiveness of increasing athletic performance of caffeinated gum at keeping soldiers alert. Getting the gum to taste good took us two years in research and development.

  • Did you make a pact with the devil? Is it possible
    your gum can taste good and have caffeine? (part 1)

    - Evija T., Austin, TX


  • Did you make a pact with the devil? Is it possible
    your gum can taste good and have caffeine? (part 2)

    - Evija T., Austin, TX

    Really, we just wanted to leave the above question's answer at that. We thrive on ambiguity. The full and complete answer about caffeine (we're choosing not to answer your beelzebub question in any detail) is that we use expensive and long-lasting mint flavors and a patented multi-layer gum construction which lets us create the most efficient caffeine delivery with a great taste. And we have Daniel Webster on retainer just in case.

  • How much sugar is in Jolt Gum? How many calories? Do you use High Fructose Corn Syrup?

    - Erin M., La Jolla, CA

    Jolt Gum proudly has a little bit of sugar and only 5 calories per piece of gum (just two or three calories per piece more than ordinary sugarless gum). There is absolutely zero high fructose corn syrup in Jolt Gum.

  • Will Jolt gum help me have better sex?

    - Mark K., New York City

    Probably. But we wouldn't know for sure. All WE do now is make gum - not much time to test for that positive side effect. On the other hand, I'll bet SHE'D be happier if you'd stay awake. (see above for the Guarana rumors).

  • I work at _____, a restaurant in CA. One day I have a table of people who turn out to work at Vivid Entertainment. They're passing around Jolt Gum. Seriously, have you heard it has other benefits besides just staying up?

    - Tristin P., Sherman Oaks, CA

    We took the name of your restaurant out… not sure if it would get you in trouble or cause a giant stampede of people to your restaurant. In any case, we're pretty sure staying up is enough. Just sayin'.

  • How much caffeine is in Jolt Gum?

    - Sasha D. Brooklyn, NY

    With Jolt Gum, you can choose your own boost level! One-piece of Jolt Gum gives the lift of an ordinary cola. Two-pieces of Jolt Gum gives you the energy/alertness boost of a cup of coffee. Five-pieces has about the same pick-me-up as an energy shot. If you want to visit our caffeine page and learn more about caffeine, click here (Caffeine).

  • I'm a diagnosed narcoleptic who drives a truck for a living. Your product is of great interest to me but I have concerns about its interaction with the medication I'm taking for a heart condition; a generic angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. Have you done any research into your gum's interaction with medications regulating coronary function? Chewing your gum may help me avoid falling asleep at the wheel, but I want to confirm that I won't have to then worry about massive coronary fibrillation.

    - Matt M. – Oakland, CA

    Ummm….. when you say angiotensin conversion, specifically which one of the three polypeptide hormones are you referring to? The powerful vasoconstrictor, that functions in the body in controlling arterial pressure, or one of the other two? By the way, being the supportive fellows we are, we're fully in the boat on encouraging enzymes rather than inhibiting them. Sooooo..... we pretty much think you should just chew more Jolt Gum. But then again, chewing more Jolt Gum is pretty much our solution for everything.

  • Marketing and General Company Questions
  • Do you gift wrap?

    - Lance B., Plainview, NY

    Good thinking! Indeed, nothing says "I love you" more than a case of Jolt Gum. However, we don't gift wrap at the moment.

  • Where can I buy Jolt Gum?

    - Ethan L, San Diego, CA

    Jolt Gum's available in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide – you can also
    buy online here. If your local store doesn't have Jolt, tell them you need it bad! Then make sure they know you're talking about Jolt Gum. Downloading this form might help.

  • Safety Questions
  • Is it safe? Will it hurt my stomach? (question 1)

    - Alison H., Toronto

  • What if I chew seven pieces? Will that give me a buzz? (question 2)

    - Tracy N., NYC

    Jolt gum is every bit as safe as coffee. In fact, it's arguably safer since the caffeine molecules are the same and Jolt Gum doesn't have the acids that can upset your stomach. It won't spill (no crashing), and it won't stain your teeth (no yellowing) or make you run to the bathroom (no tripping) like coffee. Chew in accordance with your normal caffeine intake. Tracy - 7 pieces will *definitely* do the trick - although two pieces works just fine for most people.

  • How much of this stuff can I chew safely?

    - Tom Z, Phoenix, AZ

    Everyone's sensitivity to caffeine is different. Chew the gum when you need a boost. Chew it like you'd drink coffee, tea or Jolt Cola. It's as safe as coffee. For example, did you know darker roasted beans have less caffeine than lightly roasted? And besides, Jolt Gum's way cooler than a latte.

  • Are you worried that children might chew your gum?

    - Robert K., San Diego

    Have you ever been in a Coffee Shop after school at 3 p.m.? Or seen the average age of a Mountain Dew consumer? The words "Rugrats" and "Sponge Bob Square Pants" come to mind. Jolt Gum is actually the only product we've seen that tells you on the FRONT panel that it has caffeine, so everyone knows exactly what they are getting (vs. hiding it - but why would anyone do that?). That said, in a more perfect world, we think every kid should get "solar energy" by exercising outside and then get all the sleep they need. But just so you know, the American Medical Association lists caffeine as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) - it's in cola, tea, energy drinks, shots, powders, chocolate.....

  • Suggestion Box
  • Could you make Jolt in different doses?

    - Bev S., Detroit

    Thanks! Great idea Bev – thinking along similar lines, we designed the Jolt gum to allow you to control the dosing. One pellet = a "regular" Cola. Two pieces = the caffeine boost of a coffee or energy drink. Five pellets gives you the lift of an energy shot.

  • Do you guys hang out with the 5th Trident dentist who wouldn't recommend sugarless gum for his patients who chew gum? And shouldn't they survey more than 5 dentists?

    - Jeamie C., NY

    A little known fact is that the 5th dentist is either a really really bright dentist or a hypochondriac. Either he/she actually knows that regular gum is "chewed out" and becomes sugarless gum in just a few minutes, or he/she's just scared to death of all artificial sweeteners, which is kind of silly unless you're a lab rat forced to ingest quantities measured in truckloads. All the same, we proudly use real, honest-to-goodness-sugar. Regarding your last question, we figure the researchers didn't have any Jolt Gum, so they got tired and went home after 5 dentists.

  • Could you make a sugarless Jolt Gum?

    - Peter M., San Diego

    We certainly thought about it! We surveyed more than 5 people (actually 1,000) and by a landslide, people told us they wanted sugar in their energy gum. Most people want it in their energy drinks, and they also want it in their energy gum. Also, most of the sugar is "chewed out" in a few minutes, meaning that the gum you're chewing after a few minutes doesn't have much (if any) sugar left over anyway. Sealing the decision is that there are studies that show a little bit of sugar can help replenish and re-energize the body and brain after stressful tasks. So, slaves to public opinion and science that we are, our gum has a little bit of sugar.

  • Miscellaneous
  • What's your favorite word?

    - Jennifer D. Kansas City, MO

    In the English language? Caffeine of course. In second place is any word that rhymes with caffeine. Our all time favorite caffeine rhyming word is "mondegreen"

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    Sounds good to us – but please don't call us "sirs." We respond better to "Hey you." Anyone else who wants to apply for something besides credit should send an e-mail with resume, etc. to Workwithus[at]GumRunners.com

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